'Hamilton' The Film

'Hamilton' The Film


Not satisfied with not only being in the F1's games and call of duty, Hamilton said he wouldn't mind taking a role as himself....in the Lewis film....



From 'humble beginnings' or any other aptly named film title would be the best way to describe Lewis' 'race career'.  


Now it seem the Brit wouldn't mind if his story was made into a film, much like that of the Film Rush.


"My story is about coming from humble beginnings. I am probably the last of a dying breed because pretty much every other driver I’m racing with has come from wealth," Hamilton Explains.  


"It will be really telling a family story about where we’ve come from, how we did it as a family, the sacrifices my family made and the trials and tribulations we came across along the way."


Hamilton reveals he would also like to play himself in the film! As Lewis has yet to see a suitable actor to play him.


"I would probably play myself," Hamilton Revealed.


"I have not seen an actor that looks like me or that I’d particularly want to represent me."



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