Patrick Head Scratching His Head

Patrick Head Scratching His Head


Paddy Lowe’s prompt departure from the Silver Arrows has left Patrick head, stunned and confused...


Paddy  Lowe shocked many after leaving the silver arrow after three years with the team after internal clashes with the team left him tired of the sport.


Now Patrick Head, co-founder and former race engineer of Williams has digressed his surprise With Paddy’s Move.


"For a man that went to Mercedes in 2013 and followed up with three consecutive world championships, one wonders why the situation between Paddy and Christian Wolff fell apart a bit,"  Patrick told Sky’s F1 reporter, Natalie Pinkman.


"Maybe it'll come out in the wash but it certainly seems quite a change”


"I don't think Williams would have gone along and persuaded him to leave Mercedes purely on the basis of salary, facility or budget. Something must have caused  a few cracks at Mercedes."

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