Ricciardo Raring but Realistic

Ricciardo Raring but Realistic


Daniel Ricciardo is excited for the start of the season  but is still unsure how it will turn out...


As many drivers admit, the few days of testing are never anything go by and it is all in the hands of the engineers up until the flag is dropped.


Daniel Ricciardo, say’s he is excited for the new cars and another year racing  but doubts his chances of winning the world championship this time around.


“Hopefully we are going to go well but it is hard to know,“ Ricciardo Digressed.


“Testing is never really a clear picture, but I expect Ferrari and Mercedes to be quick.”


“Last year I did not win the title and I was still very happy. I got my first pole position, and I got back on the top step of the podium. If I perform at my best I will be happy this year and I will be very happy with the world title.”


“It is my target and aim to be world champion, and I will do what I can to make it happen this year, but I am not expecting it.”

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