‘Verstappen Rule’ Dispanded

‘Verstappen Rule’ Dispanded


The rightly named ‘Verstappen Rule’ has been removed unless the FIA deem it ‘clearly dangerous’....


The rule was dubbed the Verstappen Rule’ after Max was consistently penalized for making the apparent move.


The Verstappen rule’ is when a driver changes his line, through the breaking zone in order to block the driver behind.


Now it seems the rule has loosened and will only be brought up in situations where the driver has made a ‘clearly dangerous’ move.


Daniel Ricciardo is happy also happy with the change, hoping that it will make the racing more exciting and competitive.


“The good part of it is it means less decisions to be made on-track, in a way,” Ricciardo said in the Thursday FIA press conference.


“If they leave it up to us I guess the positive is that we sort it out on track”


“Hopefully we can get redemption if we feel like something has not gone our way”


“I like being able to race, that’s the positive from it.”

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