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Ayrton Senna Film takes prestigious award

'Senna' which is directed by Asif Kapadia, chronicles Senna's dramatic F1 career, from his arrival with the small Toleman team in 1984, through his three titles, his rivalry with Alain Prost and his battles with officialdom, to his tragic death at Imola in 1994. The natural core of the story lies in his developing rivalry/ hatred with, the French champion Alain Prost. The two who began as team mates at McLaren in the mid-'80s. Although, with the world's number one and two drivers in the same team, only generated a fierce competitive tension that developed into, as Prost says himself "war," Especially after the famous incident in Japan in 1989, which controversially cost Senna the championship and a six-month suspension. However, even though the rivalry did continue into the '90s, Senna and Prost did eventually patch things up to the extent that Prost was one of the pallbearer at Senna's funeral. The documentary film comprises entirely of archival news, TV and home movie footage, without talking heads. The Hollywood Reporter describes the feel of the film as "lavish by normal documentary standards" The Hollywood Reporter continues to rave about the film, suggesting that the "outstanding racing footage, often from the point of view of the driver himself, courtesy of in-car mini-cams, provides dynamic, even thrilling perspectives rivaling anything possible in feature films." Adding "It also puts the viewer exactly where one needs to be to witness the key moments of his meteoric rise in the competitive ranks, from his startling 1984 second-place finish in his first race at Monaco to his incredible victory, coming back from 16th position, to win the 1988 Japanese Grand Prix and, with it, the first of his three world championships." Asif Kapadia's film has been receiving rave reviews from both the Formula 1 community and cinema critics since it was first screened in Japan and Brazil last autumn, with the Sundance Film Festival being the latest. The Prestigious Film Festival awarded 'Senna' film the World Cinema Audience Award for Documentary Film, at the yearly Sundance's prizegiving ceremony on Sunday evening. Senna will be released worldwide during 2011, with British audiences getting to see it in early summer.

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