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Bahrain tests may take place in Barcelona?

The Formula One Teams Association (FOTA) is considering staying in Barcelona for the final pre-season winter tests as the situation in Bahrain continues to remain uncertain. Political unrest against the monarchy continues to escalate in Bahrain, and several people have died in the anti-government protests over the last week. This current situation has called for talks that the 2011 Bahrain GP may have to be cancelled if the situation continues, which makes it look doubtful that the last pre-season tests scheduled to take place in Bahrain will go ahead. However, the teams still need to complete their testing programmes ahead of the first race of the season. So the Formula One Teams Association have approached the Circuit de Catalunya, where they have begun their 3rd testing session today, about the possibility of another week's running if Bahrain's situation does not improve. Vicenc Aguilera, the new president of the Circuit de Catalunya consortium, told El Pais newspaper that "FOTA has asked us what dates we have available at the prospect of being unable to go to the last test, but there is no formal request yet," Aguilera said the circuit is booked on some of the days between the end of this week's test and early March. But insisted that "if F1 asks us something, we will do our best to please,"

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