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Button: KERS will give McLaren an Advantage

Speaking on the McLaren website, 2010 world champion Jenson Button gave his thoughts on the ban of the F-duct and the return of the KERS system for the 2011 season. "We don't have the F-duct next year, which is a bit sad because we have a great system," Button who has never raced with the Kinetic Energy Recovery System himself, which was originally introduced in 2009 in attempt to aid overtaking, but wasn't used by all teams, and was then dropped for the 2010 season, also added: "I've never driven with KERS before, but this team used KERS last year and used it well - I know because they kept coming by me at the start! "They have so much experience in that area that I think we'll have an advantage - as will Mercedes and Force India, who use Mercedes engines. "We'll have an advantage on Red Bull and Ferrari I think, which is great. We'll take every advantage we possibly can." The 2009 World Champion also spoke about the change from the adjustable front to rear wing, which he feels will have a big impact on the handling of the cars saying it will contribute to oversteering and understeering. "We're only going to be able to adjust the rear wing for overtaking, when we're within a second of another car, so it's not going to help the balance," he said. "It's unfortunate that we're losing the adjustable front wing, that's going to make the balance very difficult. We're running 150kg of fuel at the start of the race and 5kg at the end, so we're going to have very difference balance and it's going to be tough for us - you'll see a lot of cars oversteering and understeering, and not being able to change it." Furthermore, the 2011 season sees no major regulation changes coming into effect, leading the McLaren driver to say that he feels there won't be too many changes to McLaren's car: "The rest of the car is pretty much the same. If you don't have big regulation changes, a lot of what you develop through the year is used next season. For us that's good, we ended the year with a strong package. But there's always room for improvement. "We really want to fight Red Bull and Ferrari next season and we need to push hard this winter - that's exactly what we're doing. I enjoy being involved with the development of the car - especially when you get the reward at the end of it. It's going to be a long winter but I'm very excited about next year."

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