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Button: We're a long way from Red Bull

Jenson Button 2009 World Champion and McLaren driver, Jenson Button believes Red Bull are yet to show their full potential. At the season opener in Melbourne two weeks ago, Red Bull chose not to run their KERS due reliability concerns over the system. Not that this was an issue for the current World Champion team, as even without the technology Sebastian Vettel still dominated qualifying and the race. This great result by the Red Bull team has led Jenson Button to pin his hopes on McLaren's KERS, as the team have a great track record for their KERS system, which was first introduced to Formula One in 2009, but banned a year later until 2011. Button hopes that this will give the McLaren team a much needed advantage over Red Bull in this area, as at the moment the British driver believes that McLaren are a long way from catching Red Bull. Button is quoted by El Pais as saying: "We need a powerful KERS to compete against them [Red Bull] because in every other area they are very competitive. At the moment I think we're a long way from Red Bull. I get the impression that Seb is yet to show the full potential of that car." However, this goes against what McLaren's managing director, Jonathan Neale believes. Instead Neale warns against underestimating Red Bull's KERS capability. "I'm not sure that he [Button] would know about Red Bull's KERS," ESPNF1 Reports Neale as saying. "Certainly I don't know anything about its system. I think from the basis of Mercedes Benz, which builds our system, with an extra 12 months of experience compared to others then there should be advantages to do with systems integration and packaging. But that is a very difficult thing to quantify because we don't have any comparative information." "I think the one thing that we are all looking for at this stage is to make sure that our cars are reliable as possible. Of course with the increase in complexity comes the risk of poorer reliability. So we are fighting very hard to make sure that we have the aerodynamic performance that we are looking for but making sure that the underlying systems are also reliable." Meanwhile, Red Bull insists KERS will be on the car this weekend.

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