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Calls to axe the Australian GP Continues

A Melbourne MP is the latest to add his voice to those calling for the Australian GP to be axed once its current deal comes to an end in 2015. In January the city's mayor, Robert Doyle raised concerns over the escalating costs of the grand prix, and now Melbourne MP Michael Danby has added to Doyle's concerns. Reuters reports that the Melbourne MP spoke out to the Victorian parliament saying that "the grand prix may have been a good deal in 1996, when it cost the government only $1.7 million; but, with falling crowd numbers and taxpayers footing a $50 million-a-year bill, the government should cut its losses and walk away," Danby continued saying the "rising costs, dwindling crowds, fed-up local residents, an ambivalent Melbourne mayor ... to me, everything points to Melbourne saying 'thanks for the memories' but gracefully declining to renew the contract." F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone previously spoke out against Mayor Doyle's comments earlier this month, saying: "If he's not happy with the event in Australia, if he wants to cancel the contract, we'd be happy to talk to him about that. If he wishes to cease having the event in Melbourne, I am happy to discuss that with him."

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