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Chandhok Close To Lotus Deal?

Chandhok who made his debut in Formula One last year with the HRT team, but was dropped mid-season due to sponsorship issues, has hinted he is on the verge of signing a deal with Team Lotus to become the Malaysian team's reserve driver for the 2011 season. The PTI press agency quotes the Indian driver as saying that a move to Tony Fernandes' team would be "a step up" for him. "I like the idea of building an Asian team with Asian drivers, mechanics, engineers, PR and marketing people," Chandhok said. "Tony Fernandes is trying hard and that's what he has done with his [airline] Air Asia as well." Although, he did confirm he had not yet signed a contract: "Nothing is final until you have a contract in your hands. It will take about two-three weeks to know. They are maybe talking to 20 more guys other than me." Speaking about his future in Formula One, Chandhok added that he is aiming for a long-term deal, which would help his bid to return to the racing grid: "I want to be involved in the medium term for two-three years. It would allow to build the partnership, to grow together. Stability is what I am looking for. I will get to learn [in 2011] even if I drive on just Fridays."

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