Domenicali: 'I Considered Quitting'

Stefano Domenicali has admitted he considered quitting Ferrari after the 2010 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix due to the team's poor race strategy, which cost Fernando Alonso a shot at taking his third World Title. Domenicali who has been the team principal at Ferrari since 2008, was speaking in an interview with La Repubblica when he made the comments. The Italian team principal said that if F1 was like football, he would probably have been looking for a new job: "I know that people see me as the coach of Ferrari. But a team principal is something different. This is a business and I have to manage all the different aspects, not just the sporting ones. I take care of everything, so I delegate a lot, but saying that, you have to be ready for anything especially if there have not been the results you want for two years. But thank god it's not football! To rebuild in F1 takes months and years and from that point of view I have always felt a great support from the president and the shareholders." Domenicali continued saying that although he didn't fear Ferrari's wrath after the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, he did however spend two sleepless nights contemplating resigning from the team. "After Abu Dhabi I raised the issue personally. I wondered if it was the right thing or not to stay. I take it as a duty and I am not attached to my chair. But I came to the conclusion that stopping would be a mistake. I know the team and I think I'm the right person to capitalise on all that we have sown in recent months. From a methodological point of view, we have changed almost everything at Maranello and I am sure we will soon see the results of our hard work." The Ferrari team principal was also quick to denied that Felipe Massa's poor season was due to the serious head injuries the Brazilian driver sustained in 2009, adding: "We made all the checks; as a driver and a man Felipe is perfectly intact," Although, he did say that along with technical explanations, Massa also struggled psychologically at times in 2010. "I am sure we will see a great Massa in 2011. He knows that he can't afford another season like that." Speaking about the teams hopes for 2011, Domenicali concluded that Ferrari are now in a great position to deliver the best possible car for the season ahead: "The car of 2010 we had to start from scratch [after 2009]. Now we have a good starting point and a regulation change, so we have to make maximum use of our imagination for extreme solutions."

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