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Ecclestone: 10 teams would be better than 12

Bernie Ecclestone has never made a secret of the fact that he thinks there are too many teams in F1. The F1 boss even suggested last year that "one or two of [the new teams] shouldn't be there perhaps ... it's a bit rich for their blood". Although, he did say that Team Lotus were worthy of their place on the grid: "I'm very happy that they are back," Ecclestone told the BBC. "They will get on their feet and then sponsors will be attracted to them and we'll see them grow. Frank Williams was like that years ago." But it was a different story when Spain's El Mundo Deportivo asked how he thought the 2011 season would be for Virgin and HRT. Ecclestone said: "Difficult … 12 teams is too many. Ten is enough." A report by El Mundo Deportivo suggests Ecclestone wants to drop the limit for the maximum number of teams from 13 to 10 for the new 2013 Concorde agreement, as he believes ten is a better number to financially look after the teams and ensure there are enough good sponsors to go around. Surprisingly, HRT boss, Colin Kolles actually supports Ecclestone's view that there should only be 10 teams in Formula One rather than 12, with Kolles saying at the launch of HRT’s 2011 last week: “I think that the sport worked very well with 10 teams. If 10 teams are running it is much safer for the teams because obviously the money distribution is different - if there are 12 teams that distribution is different to 10 teams. This is the major factor from our point of view. If we were one of those 10 teams it would give us greater security and this is the primary factor for this, and it's healthier for the sport.” However, Kolles when asked also believes that HRT would feature in the top 10, saying: "I think so yes. I think that others are more desperate than we are to be honest with you."

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