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Enrico Gelpi: 'Team orders rule was very controversial'

FIA Vice president Enrico Gelpi has been speaking about the recently announced F1 regulation changes. Speaking with the Italian motorsport website, Enrico Gelpi has spoke out about the newly abolished team orders rule saying: “My impression is that the team orders rule was very controversial. First of all because it is unclear what a team order is." Gelpi added that the rule had to be changed due to the fact that "in today’s Formula One there are important economic and R&D involvements, so the team has a prevalent position." "Moreover, there is a constructors title. Drivers, who are well paid professionals, have to be part of this game, which is bigger than them. I think in the end it was right to cancel it, because this rule was useless and could lead to different treatment of similar situations.” The Vice president was also asked about the new 'greener' engine for the 2013 season, to which he explained: “It was done both for cost reduction and to find solutions to be used in road cars. Motorsport has always been a basin of positive solutions, in terms of security and fuel consumption and performance. Enrico Gelpi also spoke about Jean Todt's first year as the FIA president praising the Frenchman: "I think president Todt is doing a lot and well." Adding "We are working to get the sporting commissions more efficient and above all to exploit the strategic role of World Motor Sport Council. That’s what Todt is working for. It’s difficult, because FIA comprehends more than 200 member clubs from all over the world, with different mentality and needs, but the work done so far is positive.” Gelpi was also positive about the potential for a second Grand Prix to take place in Italy: “The Italian Formula One Grand Prix will always be in Monza. If there will be Rome, the important thing is for it not to damage Monza. It seems to me that the latest declarations by mayor Alemanno are in this directions, too." "Of course, for Italian sport and for our country two Grands Prix will be good, because a world sporting event brings tourism, attention, welfare, economic benefits. But they have to avoid damaging each other. Monza has been hosting the Italian Grand Prix ever since 1922 and it has to stay this way.”

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