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Ford and Ferrari Settle Name Dispute

Ford has settled their dispute with Ferrari over the use of the F-150 name, bringing an end to the lawsuit between the two companies. Ford issued legal proceedings against the Italian F1 team earlier this year after claiming Ferrari’s decision to name its new car the F-150 was a breach of the trademark of Ford’s popular F-150 pick-up truck. Ferrari reacted to Ford straight away, saying that it would use the full-formal name of their 2011 car, the Ferrari F150th Italia, instead. This decision led to subsequent discussions between the two car companies, which has resulted in Ford asking for the US District Court in Detroit to dismiss the case it lodged. A spokeswoman for Ford is quoted by the Detroit Free Pressas saying "We are pleased we were able resolve this issue amicably. This resolution ensures that Ford's famous and distinctive F-150 trademark will be protected."

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