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Frustration for Massa as test session cut short due to Ferrari fire

Felipe Massa's first day testing the new F150 soon went up in smoke, after his car caught fire only 12 laps into the Thursday morning session. Speaking on the official Ferrari website, the team said that Massa pulled over when the car suffered an oil leak caused by a broken clamp: "Massa’s first test day with the F150 certainly did not get off to the kind of start he would have wanted. As he was coming to the end of his first run of laps, the Brazilian had to park at the side of the track, with an oil leak caused by a broken clamp. Unfortunately the lubricant ended up on the exhausts which led to a small fire breaking out and that caused some damage to the car." Adding that "the mechanics immediately set to work on repairing the damage" but Massa was unable to get back out on track before 3 in the afternoon. Which left the Brazilian driver with only two hours in the cockpit before the team packs up and heads to Jerez for the next round of testing in a weeks time. The frustration on Massa's face was clear to see. Although, Felipe did manage to finish his first test day fifth fastest overall with a time of 1m 14.017s just behind the Red Bull of Mark Webber in fourth.

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