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Hamilton: Alonso is my Alain Prost

Even though it was the current world champion, Sebastian Vettel setting the pace as the driver to beat once again this season, after winning the Australian GP on Sunday. Hamilton has said he doesn’t see Vettel as his main rival. "I don't think [Vettel is my biggest rival]. Hamilton is quoted in The Guardian as saying. If he continues to have a car like he does now then, maybe, but I think when we get equal pace then we will see some serious racing. Maybe he is the new Mansell? Not that I would rate him like I do Mansell." Instead, Hamilton believes Fernando Alonso is his "nemesis", saying that the Spaniard is the Alain Prost to his Ayrton Senna. Since spending an awkward season together as team-mates at McLaren, Alonso and Hamilton have always been major rivals to one another. "I will always think that my nemesis and my closest rival will always be Fernando," Hamilton said to The Guardian. "Just because of my history, when I started out. I see him as my Prost, if we were Prost and Senna. If you were to say 'choose a driver' [that I would like to be] I would clearly choose Ayrton. And maybe I would put him as Prost." Hamilton did admit however, that he believed that Red Bull were likely to be strong in Malaysia as the circuit would suit the RB7's characteristics, but that there was more to come from McLaren. "Malaysia is a massive downforce track so you're going to see Red Bull as quick if not quicker. But I have no doubts our car can be competitive as well." The 2008 World Champion also confirmed that he would not be heading straight to Malaysia for the next grand prix, instead returning home to support his brother Nicolas in his first competitive race in the Renault Clio Cup at Brands Hatch this weekend. "I can't miss my brother's first race. It's OK, I can sleep on the flight. I can still stay in this time zone. I'll just head back to see his qualifying and race and then pop back out. It's cool. Me and my brother are close. I mean, everyone has their situations in life, but it has been tough for him. I can understand what he has been through because I am the closest person to him, but even I cannot comprehend what it must have been like to have the difficulties he has had. And now he gets to have the opportunity to live the dream himself. Me and my dad will be there."

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