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Horner disappointed by Webber secrecy

Red Bull driver Mark Webber has revealed in his new book Mark Webber: Up Front, 2010 A Season To Remember, which has been published in Australia, that he sustained a fractured shoulder after a cycling accident prior to the Japanese Grand Prix. Details of the accident and the book have also only just emerged to Red Bull Racing's team principal, Christian Horner. Who has expressed his disappointment about the Australian's secrecy. Horner was quoted by The Guardian as saying: "I didn't even know about the book, let alone the shoulder, It is obviously disappointing Mark said nothing. It was an injury that did not appear to have any effect on his performance, but all the same it would have been nice to know about it." It was the first time Webber had been back on a mountain bike since breaking his leg and fracturing his shoulder in another cycling accident in November 2008, when he was hit by a car. Horner added: "Our drivers have an obligation to make sure they are fit. [But] it seems bikes don't agree with Mark, so maybe it would be better if he stayed away from them." Speaking about the recent accident in the book, Webber says "I was riding with a great friend of mine. Suddenly, he crashed right in front of me and I had nowhere to go but straight through the ears of the horse! I suffered what they call a skier's fracture to my right shoulder." With the fracture being too fine to be treated, Webber, who was leading the championship at the time, received pre-race injections to help with the pain, and it is believed that only his physio Roger Cleary and FIA medic Gary Harstein knew about the injury.

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