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HRT Confirms FOTA Split

The Hispania F1 Team have confirmed that they are no longer part of the Formula One Teams' Association, after claiming that the organisation only serves the interests of the leading teams. Even though discussions continue over the framing of a new Resource Restriction Agreement (RRA) to keep costs in Formula 1 under control to help aid the smaller teams, HRT believe there is no benefit to it being a part of FOTA, and have decided to leave the organisation. The exact circumstances of the teams departure still remain unclear, although, sources in December suggested that the HRT team were suspended from FOTA due to not paying its €100,000 yearly fee. However, HRT team principal Colin Kolles has insisted that they had already decided to leave the organisation before then as they saw no point in remaining a member. Speaking with Gazzetta dello Sport Kolles said "The truth is we left because FOTA defends only the interests of the big teams. For example, it doesn't divide the extra points revenues in equal parts as planned. The difference in TV rights revenues seems excessive between 10th place, which gets $36 million, and 11th which gets $10 million. So why should the entry fee be equal for everyone?"

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