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HRT May Sue Chandhok

Karun Chandhok may be sued by his former team HRT after claims that he breached his contract. This week it was reported by The Sun that HRT team boss Colin Kolles had no choice but to drop the Indian driver mid-season in 2010 "because he did not fulfil his contractual obligations" Reports suggest that when Chandhok signed with the HRT, he made a lot of promises with regards to sponsorship for the Spanish team. Kolles was reported further by The Deccan Chronicle as saying "When he signed an agreement with us for the 2010 season, Karun made a lot of promises on paper," Kolles said. "But he failed to fulfil his obligations. We waited for some time, but we didn't have any other choice than to suspend him at the German Grand Prix. However, we did everything diplomatically. We didn't make it public. Since then, Karun was never in the team's radar." The Deccan Chronicle claims that Chandhok's backers only paid €2 million of around €8 million which was promised, which team boss, Kolles believes made a big difference to the team's performance. "We were planning to do certain upgrades on the car, but everything got disturbed."

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