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Hulkenberg: I've learned a lot

After receiving the recent news that he wouldn't be driving for Williams again in 2011, Nico Hulkenberg, remains positive that he will be back in the sport. Speaking on his official website the young German driver described his first year in F1 as 'very cool' He also went on to describe the difficulties he had faced, saying: 'It was also a very long and difficult season; especially the first eight races. The low point was in Shanghai and Istanbul where we weren’t competitive at all.' Adding: 'I realized quickly through my team mate Rubens Barrichello how important it is to have experience in this sport. Rubens was the strongest team mate I ever had and I am very pleased with the year at his side. He helped me with my development.' 'We have, I think, worked well together and taken the team forward. I hope Rubens will stay in Formula 1 for a long time and I wish him all the best.' Asked about his hopes for 2011, the German driver added: 'I'm still sure that I [will] stay in F1 in 2011. I still do not have a new contract with another team, but that will hopefully change very soon. It looks well!' Before stepping into his F1 seat, Hulkenberg had just won the 2009 GP2 championship, and had been Williams test driver for the past two years. Highly motivated by his 2009 success, the young German was eager to impress, and even though he struggled at the start of the season as ever rookie does, as he got use to the car. This didn't stop Hulkenberg from taking his first pole position after a fantastic qualifying lap in Brazil. Speaking about his F1 career highlight, Hulkenberg said: 'Mann, mann, mann, that was just INCREDIBLE!...Such a goose bump feeling! I watched my lap already around 100 times and I am very proud. Even though, I finished “only” in P8. It was a really positive race for me.' Hulkenberg also thanked the team saying: 'At this point I would like to thank the Williams team for three great years. Although it is very, very sad that the cooperation will not continue, I am glad to have been part of the team.'

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