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Kubica: "I have to return this year"

Robert Kubica has given his first interview since being involved in a terrible high speed rally accident in Italy last weekend. Although, his recovery time is still unknown, Kubica has vowed to return to Formula One this season. Speaking to La Gazzetta dello Sport the Polish driver said he will "come back stronger than before." Kubica said that his recovery was going to plan, but admitted it could be a long process: "The fingers work, the arm as well. But only after working really hard will I know for sure." The Lotus Renault GP driver was moved out of intensive care on Thursday and is set to undergo another operation today to treat fractures in his right arm and foot, spoke about his recent accident saying: "I don't remember anything about the accident, but these things make you stronger." adding "I'm sorry to my mother." This is the third time Kubica has been involved in a serious high speed accident. In 2007 he was involved in an incident at the Canadian Grand Prix. He was also involved in a serious road accident in 2003 which left the racing driver with titanium bolts in his left arm. Kubica also said he knew what his recovery would involve and was confident he could use the experience to his advantage. "I'll be stronger as a driver, in the head," he said. "I have to return this year. My right arm feels better now than when I was hit by a drunk seven years ago." He also spoke about his passion for rallying: "It's a tough workout, severe, for F1 it helps with concentration ... whether I'll still do it, we'll see." Speaking about his long list of visitors from the F1 world, Kubica said he was very thankful: "It was nice to see Briatore, an exceptional person. Then Alonso, Lopez, Petrov, Alesi, Liuzzi - beautiful, the track never lets you see the true face of the people."

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