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Kubica’s return impossible to predict

Renault team's doctor is confident Robert Kubica is making good progress, though uncertainty remains around his return. The Lotus Renault GP team’s doctor, Dr Riccardo Ceccarelli has spoken about Robert Kubica’s condition and progress after being involved in a serious rally accident last month. Dr. Ceccarelli is confident the Polish driver is making good progress, “Robert is getting better day by day. His physical and psychological recovery is encouraging and all the doctors at Pietra Ligure Hospital are surprised when they see how quickly he is recovering from everything. From the pain, the movement, the scars, everything is improving every day.” Although he was also quick to add that it is still too early to put a time span on how long it will take the Lotus Renault driver to make a full recovery and return to Formula one. “Nobody has a clear idea of when he will be ready. Even the surgeons don’t know because they say we need some months to see the recovery of the muscle tissue and the nerves, which varies from person to person. All we know that it will be a long recovery, but we have no idea how long. We see his progress day by day, but we can’t make any predictions.” However, Dr. Ceccarelli continued adding that Kubica’s psychological state “is very positive”. “After a trauma like this, normally there is the risk of depression when you discover how many injuries you have.” Ceccarelli said. “So to begin with, Robert’s psychological balance was up and down, but this only lasted a couple of days. After his initial sadness, we saw a good reaction from him because he is mentally very strong and now his psychological state is very positive. His focus is to put all his effort into his recovery and getting back to normal. The enormous support from the fans and the F1 community is also very important for Robert. Lots of people have come to visit him and this has been very useful for his recovery.” Kubica will stay at Pietra Ligure for the time being as there is a full medical team looking him, a team which Dr. Ceccarelli described as “first class”. “There are highly skilled physiotherapists for his kind of injuries, who are working with him for many hours each day, and for the moment the best solution is for him to stay there.” The Lotus Renault doctor said. “On behalf of Robert, I would like to say a big ‘thank you’ to all the medical staff at the hospital for the excellent job they have done.”

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