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Malaysia keen to host a night race

Organisers of the Malaysian Grand Prix are keen to host a night race before their current race contract expires in 2015. Their idea stems from seeing the success Singapore has had with their night race. Although, Singapore's success has had a negative impact on the Malaysian race. Speaking to AFP the boss of the Sepang International Circuit, Razlan Razali, has admitted that the event has "lost its lustre" since its debut in 1999, adding that the success of Singapore's night race around the floodlit streets had also hurt the Malaysian race. Despite Sepang having some of the cheapest tickets on the F1 calendar, Razali also revealed that less than 100,000 spectators attended the three-day event in 2010, and admitted that attendance this season could be even worse. "And our biggest competitor is the television as many people prefer to watch the race from the comfort of their homes," said Razali. Razali admits that the Sepang circuit could do with some updating, although after having received no reply from the government about his request for funding to make renovations. He said a quick fix to boost spectator numbers would be to organise a night race. "When it rains, it [the grandstand roof] leaks," Razali said. "People are not happy. The circuit was built in record time but unfortunately there were shortcuts and poor maintenance." "We should do one night race before we extend the 2015 contract. Maybe this will attract a bigger crowd as the weather at night will be cool."

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