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Olympics Committee Could Postpone the Russian GP

The 2014 Formula One Russian Grand Prix, which is to be held in Sochi may be in doubt if the International Olympic Committee (IOC) feel that it will hamper their preparations for the Winter Olympics, which is also to be held there in the same year. Officials have said that the track in Sochi would be ready well ahead of the February Winter Olympics. Although, speaking on Tuesday the IOC said they still had the legal power to postpone Russia's first F1 race if it interfered with the Games' preparations. Olympic Games Executive Director Gilbert Felli said "It is good to have the F1 Grand Prix in Russia and Sochi. However we do not want to have the facility, built for the Grand Prix, to put construction or preparation for the Games at risk." Felli continued saying "When we learned the GP could be organised in 2014 we wanted to know if it is an issue. In the contract they (Russian race organisers) signed there is an escape that if the IOC decides it is not feasible then it could be rescheduled in 2015." Asked who would decide the postponing of the race, the Olympic Games Executive Director said: "It is the IOC." The seven year deal between Bernie Ecclestone and Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin was announced in October, and is reportedly worth more than $200 million. Meanwhile, since being awarded the Games in 2007, Sochi has been rushing to build most of the Olympic venues from scratch. However, the Olympic Games Executive Director did say that progress was on track with 70 percent of construction expected to be completed by the end of 2011. "Some 40 percent of construction is finished and in 2011 70 percent will be finished," Image ©Andrew Hone

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