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Q&A: Kamui Kobayashi

After completing his first full season in Formula One, Kamui Kobayashi reflects on a season, which saw both highs and lows for him and the Sauber team. How would you summarise your season? Kamui Kobayashi: “We had a lot of ups and downs, but overall we had a good season. In the beginning we were struggling a lot. This was a pretty bad time. It was hard, and it was very difficult to recover from this situation during the season, because nowadays there is no testing. Despite this, towards the end of the season we were much stronger. The team did a great job to recover from this and I want to thank them for all their work.” In which area did you improve the most? Kamui Kobayashi: “In every area. This is how it has to be, especially if you are a rookie.” What was the best moment of 2010 for you? Kamui Kobayashi: “I think I had an interesting race in Japan. It was a very nice moment for me and for the Japanese fans.” Which was the worst experience? Kamui Kobayashi: “That was when I crashed on the first lap of the Canadian Grand Prix.” What is your secret for overtaking? Kamui Kobayashi: “Because I am Japanese I have small eyes – so I can’t see the others guys.” …and seriously? Kamui Kobayashi: “If I feel I can overtake I just do it. That’s all, no secret.” What do you want to achieve in 2011? Kamui Kobayashi: “My personal aim is to make zero mistakes. For the team I hope we will have a good car, and be able to fight for points on a regular basis to improve our position in the championship.”

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