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Red Bull Drivers Go Home For The Weekend

Red Bull Racing drivers, Sebastian Vettel, Mark Webber and Daniel Ricciardo were all in their native countries this weekend, completing a number of show runs for the Red Bull Racing team. Newly crowned World Champion Sebastian Vettel was in Berlin on Saturday, where he had the unique chance to turn Berlin’s June 17th Street into a temporary race track and drive a Red Bull Racing Formula One car in front of the Brandenburg Gate. Vettel then completed a driver’s parade along Yitzhak-Rabin Street, aboard the Red Bull tour bus. Speaking about the event, the youngest ever World Champion said: "It was a dream come true for me today and it was great that so many people were here, even in the cold weather. It’s something very special to drive in front of the Brandenburg Gate and to leave a signature of rubber written by my slicks! You don’t get such a chance very often in life – it was a great day.” Meanwhile, team mate Mark Webber and Red Bull Junior driver Daniel Ricciardo were 8,500 miles away in Perth, Australia, taking part in the city’s first ever Festival of Speed. On Friday, Daniel completed his first ever demo for the team, kicking off proceedings with a show run along Riverside Drive. “It was one of the coolest Friday’s of my life. I recognised a lot of people and think around 80% of the crowd was a family member or friend!" said the young Aussie driver "I was almost as nervous before the show run as before a race; there’s pressure, as if you make a mistake you can look silly, but as soon the engine fired up and I got my helmet on I felt right back at home; it was cool.” Ricciardo also drove at the Festival of Speed event at Wanneroo Raceway on the Sunday, alongside Mark Webber. With Mark saying: “It’s awesome to be back in Australia and it’s great to get a Formula One car to this part of the country. I raced at the Wanneroo Raceway in 1994 – it’s always been part of the racing scene here" Adding "It wasn’t a five minute job to get an event like this arranged, so well done to everyone involved" "Red Bull Racing’s a small team, but it achieves big things – we’re doing some cool things this weekend and it’s good to be part of it.” Daniel also added: “It’s been a while since I went around the Wanneroo Raceway – but I have some track knowledge from when I drove there in Formula Ford. I love any chance to drive the Formula One car and it’s great to be able to show a crowd what the car can do" After the recent announcement that Daniel Ricciardo will become Toro Rosso's third and reserve driver for the 2011 Formula 1 season, he added: "It’s particularly great to be driving the car knowing now that I will be the Friday driver for Scuderia Toro Rosso next year. This year it was great to go to most of the tracks as reserve driver with Red Bull, but going to them now, knowing that I will drive each weekend, is really great news. I’m very excited about it.”

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