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Red Bull: Malaysia Free Practice Quotes

Red Bull RacingRed Bull's Mark Webber dominated both Free practice sessions on Friday, here's what the Australian and his team mate Sebastian Vettel had to say. Mark Webber "We look okay, but it's still early days in a race weekend. We got some dry running in and the car performed well. It was reliable, which is always a nice bonus. We got to check all the tyres - including the new tyre that Pirelli brought here. It's very hot. We need to look at the information we got today, but so far so good for us." Sebastian Vettel "We completed quite a lot of laps this morning because of the extra tyres – and this afternoon we did more or less what was planned. We didn't have any big problems, but we got a lot of mileage and took a lot of things onboard. Obviously tyre wear is different here to Melbourne. I think it's the same for everyone, at least, it is for us. We'll see where we are tomorrow."

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