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Red Bull: Sebastian won't leave us just for the Ferrari legend

Red Bull advisor Helmut Marko has spoken out saying Vettel would be "stupid" to consider moving to Ferrari any time soon. Sebastian Vettel who recently became the youngest World Champion ever when he cliched the title last season, was recently reported by as saying that he would like to drive for another big team later in his career. "No question, it is my wish and goal to drive for Ferrari one day ... or Mercedes, another legendary brand," the German champion said "But right now I'm happy. I have two more years of contract with Red Bull and we have big plans." Red Bull advisor, Helmut Marko said he is confident Vettel, who he mentored through the Red Bull driver development programme will not move to Ferrari as long as double world champion Fernando Alonso is there. "Sebastian won't leave us just because of the Ferrari legend. He is smart enough to know that the time would have to be right for him. He would have to be stupid to go there with Fernando Alonso." Marko added that he is sure any decision Vettel makes will be based on car performance: "We are the world championship team, and as long as we offer Sebastian a package that is better than the others, he's not going to leave just because of a mythical history."

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