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Sauber to pay tribute to Japan in Australia

Japanese driver Kamui Kobayashi and Sauber team-mate Sergio Pérez will carry a Japanese message on their cars at the season opener in Australia next weekend as a small gesture to the country which is going through one of its worst crisis in history. The two Sauber driver’s cars will carry the message: 我々の祈り、日本に届きますように。, which translates to: “May our prayers reach the people in Japan.” Speaking of the recent disaster in his home country Kobayashi said: “Of course I was very worried about my country and so went to Japan after the Barcelona test. I must say the situation is really, really bad. So many have lost their lives, become homeless, are without food and water in the cold winter, and have lost their loved ones.” “It is difficult to believe that a scenario worse than in any movie has become reality. We need to stay together and we need help from all over the world. I am worried the whole country could disappear – it is just too awful. Since the earthquake and the tsunami news is getting worse every day, there is nothing positive to look forward to at the moment.” Kobayashi, who feels helpless as he watches the situation in Japan worsen, is now hoping for a strong result in Australia in order to give his countrymen some positive news. “I feel I have to do something, I want to help – but in fact there is nothing I can do by myself.” The young Japanese driver said. “I think at least for the time being what I can do is to be focused and fully concentrate on the season’s opening race in Melbourne.” “Originally I was looking forward to this with great joy. Now what I really want to do is my very best to achieve a good result, which perhaps can at least give the people in Japan a little bit of hope and positive news.” Sauber team principal, Peter Sauber added: “It is difficult to find the right words to express our emotions and feelings, but silence means we can’t even begin imagine how to try. We can hardly believe what we are seeing. Our thoughts are with the people in Japan. We hope they will have the necessary strength to overcome these circumstances of extreme adversity.”

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