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Schumacher: 2011 is not a make-or-break season

Michael Schumacher has confirmed he will be back in 2012 if he doesn't land the title in 2011. Speaking with F1 Racing magazine Michael Schumacher said "We have a three-year project. Very clearly right now, we are not where we want to be. We've put a lot of effort into coming back and are optimistic we have a chance, but in the history of Formula One, when does it ever happen that you come back straightaway from this level to win in just one year? Very rarely." The seven time World Champion added "I'm sure we can fight for wins this year and we might be able to fight for the championship. I hope so. I'm here on a mission and I want to succeed. I want to perform and I'm going to put 100% into it, and if that's not the case in 2011, then we will have to do it in the final year." Many have questioned whether the 42 year old German driver will ever be as competitive as he was before taking a three-year break away from competing in the sport. However, others remain convinced his old skills are still there and will begin to show this season. Fellow German driver, Adrian Sutil told Express that he believes "the new Pirelli tyres will suit Michael much more, particularly in the slow corners," To which Mika Hakkinen agreed adding that "Michael is definitely still one of the strongest in the field." Whilst one of Schumacher's former team-mates, Jos Verstappen said: "A racing driver of Schumacher's calibre doesn't lose his talent. If he can get a car that suits his style of driving, he can go for the championship again, for sure. He may be 42 but he is still sharp." Ferrari's, Fernando Alonso also believes in Schumacher's ability, when he recently said that he saw Schumacher as his major threat for the 2011 championship. Speaking at Ferrari's annual media event Wrooom, the Spanish driver said: "There will be five world champions on the track and the most dangerous champion for me is always Michael. He is a seven-time champion, he has nothing to prove, he had a difficult season but he is still a champion. He is still super class and if the car is right he will be a contender.”

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