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Schumacher: "Fighting for the World Championship is still our Goal"

Speaking on his official website Michael Schumacher has insisted that his comeback with Mercedes is a three-year project, and within that time he intends to take his eighth world championship title. The already seven times World Champion returned to the sport in 2010, but failed to meet expectations, leading some to say that he should have retired again at the end of the season. However, Schumacher maintains that last year's Bridgestone tyres and certain handling traits of his 2010 Mercedes' car were the reason for his struggle, and intends to come back stronger in 2011. Schumacher said that he had anticipated that his return to F1 would be a tough process, though the lack of results did surprise him. "The year has been a big challenge, and in this respect my expectations have been fulfilled," said the Mercedes GP driver. "In terms of results, we clearly did not meet our expectations. "But then, you have to fight for the things you want to achieve, which has always been my credo. Mercedes, the whole team, me - we are working together to build something great. Not being an easy process makes the challenge more exciting." Schumacher continued further, saying "Fighting for the world championship is still our goal, it can only be like this. Hey, we are Mercedes." "This is a three-year project, and obviously it would be nicer if it worked out sooner, we are talking about competing at the absolute peak of motorsport. You cannot just come along, put a new team together and beat everybody. But you can be sure that we are working very hard with all our combined power to achieve our aims." The German driver also said he fully accepts the criticism that he has received in his comeback season, and that all it has done is spur him on for 2011: "That is okay for me, I haven't looked good all the time either. I can live with criticism very well, you just have to differentiate it and it can bring you forward as well. I think I have proved over many years that I love challenges and that I am able to handle them. I have not regretted my decision to come back at all." When asked about his feelings for next season, Schumacher replied: "We ended the season with a positive feeling and things were starting to come together with a tendency that was clearly positive." "So, knowing our developments for the new year makes me confident that we can fight for some race victories from our own power. This is a prospect which makes me look forward to competing again."

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