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The teams’ final pre-season test plans

The final pre-season tests get underway in Barcelona on Tuesday, but a number of the teams have elected to miss the first day of tests, instead choosing to run for an extra date at the end of the week. The final winter test in Barcelona was recently extended into a five day session after the Mercedes GP team elected to switch its programme - running Wednesday to Saturday instead of Tuesday until Friday. A number of teams have decided to follow Mercedes GP in their plans, and below is a list of which teams will be running on what days. Tuesday – Friday Sauber Lotus Renault GP Virgin Racing Toro Rosso Team Lotus Force India Red Bull Wednesday – Saturday Mercedes GP Ferrari Williams HRT Note: McLaren have decided to miss Thursday's test session instead choosing to run Tuesday-Wednesday and Friday-Saturday. There had been some discussion between teams about all outfits running Wednesday to Saturday, but only Ferrari, HRT and Williams have elected to do so with Mercedes GP. Meanwhile, all the remaining teams were adamant they wanted to stick to the original plan.

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