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Vettel Questions New Regulations

Sebastian Vettel has questioned whether the new regulations are necessary to improve the Formula One “show”. 2011 sees the introduction of some major new features including the new moveable rear wings to help aid overtaking, as well as the use of new Pirelli tyre compounds, designed specifically to make racing more unpredictable, and the re-introduction of KERS, means these new regulations are going to make the 2011 cars different to drive. Speaking to German magazine Der Spiegel Sebastian Vettel said "F1 is becoming more radical, with more and more attention being put into the show. I wonder if this is necessary." Vettel continued saying: "If a critical point is reached, we would sit down together and discuss it. It's about our safety." As like Vettel says, these new regulations have raised safety concerns with a number of the F1 drivers, who believe that Formula one is starting to ask too much of them. For example, drivers have complained that the added buttons for the KERS and movable wing on the steering wheel can be quite distracting as they try to adjust these new features at the same time whilst driving. Furthermore, some drivers have also raised concerns over the apparent delay between the pressing of the button and the time it takes for the moveable rear wing to click back into place before braking. Team Lotus driver, Jarno Trulli is one of these drivers. Speaking to Autosprint Trulli said: "There is a sort of 'no man's land' of at least 5 metres when the load on the wing is not felt yet," However, McLaren's Jenson Button disagreed, with ESPNF1 reporting that the 2009 world champion said: "Actually I was quite surprised how quickly it (the wing) reacts to the pressing of a button."

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