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Webber questions moveable rear wing

Mark Webber is the latest driver to add concerns to the use of the moveable rear wing during qualifying sessions. Webber believes that the FIA need to rethink the moveable rear wing rules, saying he does not understand why its use is unrestricted in practice and qualifying. The Australian driver’s concerns come on the back of the recent discussions about the new regulations held between the Grand Prix Drivers' Association (GPDA) and F1 race director Charlie Whiting at the pre-season winter test in Barcelona. A growing number of F1 drivers have already voiced their concerns about the situation with Webber’s Red Bull team mate and 2010 World Champion, Sebastian Vettel threatening that drivers could even strike if they felt their safety was being compromised. The drivers will need to test the rear wing during practice and qualifying to help with car setup and sort out gear ratios for its use in the grand prix itself. But Webber says that this could be achieved just as well by limiting its use to the marked zones where it can only be used in the race. "I don't quite understand why we have to use the wing all through qualifying," Webber said. "For qualifying, it is an added distraction and loading which we don't really need.” “It is not helping the show - it is another session where you want to do the ultimate lap time but everyone has the same tools to get that lap time, so why overload the driver? There is no real gain for doing it." Speaking at a Red Bull media event in Melbourne on Wednesday, Webber was asked if the rear wing was more dangerous than last season's F-duct, which required drivers to only have one hand on the steering wheel at times. To which Webber replied "Yes, I think so." "If you look at Eau Rouge at Spa - that is why I am saying for qualifying - why not just have it at the same points we have it for the race? On the straight. Everyone does it, it is easy. If you take Eau Rouge, Copse, or Becketts - it is not improving the situation. For us, it is making it a little bit more sketchy.” “It was for racing, so I don't see why we need to be trying to get through Eau Rouge with an open rear wing. We tried that with the F-duct, it was a little on the edge and Charlie [Whiting] wasn't too happy with that."

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