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Webber: Relationship With Vettel Is Good

Mark Webber has insisted that his relationship with the new World Champion and Red Bull team mate is now good, after the pair endured a difficult season together in 2010. Speaking to the BBC, the Australian driver was asked if his relationship with the youngest World Champion was as bad as people made it look. To which Webber replied: "I think it is inevitable when you have two team-mates pushing each other as hard as we were, and also people have to understand that it only happens once every 10 to 15 years where you have two drivers in one team going for a championship because quite often you have rivals going for a title, but to have them in the same team and under the same roof is unusual. "It also happened to be the first time that Red Bull has been through it, so all of us learned a huge amount. There were some growing pains, of course, and being two competitive individuals as we are, both wanting the same thing, it is going to be strained at times. "Our relationship is good now, at the end of the year it was good to have a chat about things now and push a few things away that happened, it is hard to talk closely to each other during the season in the heat of the battle and over the winter we will have more time to build for the season and do a better job without any friction." Red Bull have insisted that they will continue to treat their drivers equally next year. With Webber adding that his main goal for 2011 is to have more victories, and win as many races as he can. "That is my goal and to make sure I leave no stone unturned. This year I didn't leave much change on the table. I tried my hardest and in my own opinion I could not have done much better in terms of my own effort so I need to do that again."

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