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Whitmarsh critical of new track designs

McLaren team boss Martin Whitmarsh has added his opinion to the ongoing debate about the newer F1 circuits, believing that Formula One has missed out on new opportunities with their designs. New regulations are being introduced for the 2011 season to try and add to the on-track 'show' and include the adjustable rear wing, the re-introduction of the KERS system, as well as the extreme degradation of the new Pirelli tyre compounds. Although, Whitmarsh is in agreeance with Sir Jackie Stewart, who ESPNF1 reports as recently pointing the finger at the design of the sport's newer tracks for the lack of on-track battles and 'show'. Whitmarsh told Motor Sport "Think of the airport tracks like Cleveland with the wide corners and more than one possible line and you can see how easy it can be," Adding "On the other hand, you could call it an opportunity missed if they have one of the longest straights in Formula One and a chicane at the end of it with only one possible line. Brazil is a good example. The facilities are not good but the races are fantastic." "So when you start something new in the desert and with no apparent structural or financial limitations, it is a pity that we don't go the easy route and copy some of the greatest corners in the world." Whitmarsh concluded.

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