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Williams release images of FW33 Interim Colours

Williams have released images of its new 2011 car, the FW33 in its interim testing colours. The team have stuck with Williams's traditional navy blue colour scheme, with the look of the car following this year's popular trend of a high nose, detailed airboxes and scuplted sidepods. The Cosworth-powered FW33 will get its first debut on track today when Rubens Barrichello will give the car its maiden run. The Brazilian driver will then share Wednesday's testing time with new team mate and GP2 champion, Pastor Maldonado. The F1 rookie will then take over testing duties fully for the final day on Thursday. In a recent interview, Barrichello described this year’s Williams-Cosworth FW33 as “aggressive”, a sentiment which is also shared by technical director Sam Michael, who speaking with AT&T Williams official website said “Until you start testing, you’re never sure how you’re going to stack up against the opposition, but we’re optimistic. We think this is a good car, but we’ll have a better overall picture in a few weeks time.” Adding that the new rules for 2011, which include the ban on double diffusers and the F-duct, plus the re-introduction of the KERS system, and the arrival of a new tyre supplier, Pirelli, for the first time in five years. Compelled the team to take an innovative approach to its 2011 challenger. “The design of this year’s car has been pretty smooth,” Michael said “We’ve improved our way of working by increasing the communication between the mechanical and aerodynamic departments, and that improved our decision making processes. It allowed us to increase the optimisation time spent on each part of the car.” The car seen at the first pre-season tests in Valencia this week is the first iteration of the FW33, with this ‘launch spec’ set to be replaced by an aero upgrade for the first race in Bahrain, with many more to follow during the course of the season. Unprecedented levels of R&D have gone into the FW33 and the team have said that there is a development programme in place to ensure that upgrades are introduced at each grand prix of the 20-race campaign. “Our ambition is get back to the front of the grid,” added team principal, Frank Williams. “We know that won’t be easy, but we hope this car will take us closer to the leaders than we were in 2010. As a team, we’re as ambitious now as we’ve ever been"

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